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Daniel Iser is a professional WordPress plugin developer, and the author of plugins such as Easy Modal & Popup Maker. Founder of Wizard Internet Solutions he has been working with WordPress for over 7 years creating websites and tools for clients & blog authors.

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Practical Guide to GDPR compliance for WordPress plugin & theme developers.

You are likely here because you have a WordPress plugin that manages user data in some way…

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Prevent users from deleting a page or post in WordPress

During my time developing plugins, theme and sites using WordPress I have often come across the need…

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jQuery UI Autocomplete: Tabbing before results are available.

While working on a plugin of mine using jQuery UI Autocomplete i ran into an issue where…

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Fetching Active Install Count from the Plugins API

Today the plugins api got a small update. With the addition of the new Active Install…

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Plugins & Themes shouldn’t combine their external assets.

The Problem I am going to outline why plugins and themes should never combine or bundle their…

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