Migrating Ecommerce Sites without Data Loss

This is a short checklist for quickly migrating a live ecommerce site (specifically WordPress) without losing or duplicating data in the process.

  1. Set up new server.
  2. Install clean copy of WordPress
  3. Set up test domain. (Optional)
  4. Set up SSL on the new server.
  5. Install WP Migrate DB Pro.
  6. Clone old site to new server:
    • Migration service
    • WP Migrate DB Pro addons
  7. Test thoroughly with temporary or test domain.
  8. Modify local hosts file so that yourdomain.com points to the new servers IP and test again.
  9. Put up 503 maintenance mode on old site.
  10. Migrate data one last time.
  11. Migrate DNS.


  • Use CloudFlare as DNS changes are near instant.
  • Use WP Migrate DB Pro to do last sync after testing/before dns change.

Daniel Iser is a professional WordPress plugin developer, and the author of plugins such as Easy Modal & Popup Maker. Founder of Wizard Internet Solutions he has been working with WordPress for over 7 years creating websites and tools for clients & blog authors.

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